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Oleocanthal: Cancer’s Worst Nightmare?

Do you know about Oleocanthal? If not, it’s time you should. Oleocanthal is a natural compound found in extra virgin olive oil that has shown great promise for treatment against specific types of cancers.

Various research regarding Oleocanthal for cancer cells has indicated that Oleocanthal can kill cancer cells without harming healthy body cells, making this compound a potentially powerful weapon against certain cancers.

In this blog from our distributors at Earthborn Alternatives, we’ll discuss the following:

  • What exactly Oleocanthal is

  • How Oleocanthal works regarding cancer cells

  • What Oleocanthal does to harmful cancer cells

We’ll also explore Oleocanthal’s effects on specific cancers like breast and pancreatic cancer and how this compound could be used as a treatment for cancer in the future.

Oleocanthal: Cancer's Worst Nightmare?

Table of Contents:

  1. What Is Oleocanthal Exactly?

  2. Oleocanthal for Cancer Cells? How Does it Work?

  3. Further Research about Oleocanthal’s Effects on Cancer

  4. Oleocanthal and Breast Cancer

  5. Oleocanthal and Pancreatic Cancer

  6. How Can You Get More Oleocanthal In Your Diet?

  7. In Conclusion

People Also Ask:

Can Oleocanthal cure cancer?

A research study by Dr. Goren and Dr. David Foster discovered that Oleocanthal kills human cancer cells without harming non-cancerous cells. The study showed that olive oils rich in Oleocanthal have the power to kill cancer cells, while poor-quality olive oils cannot achieve the same results.

Which olive oil is best for cancer?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Oleocanthal, a powerful compound found in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, has been shown to kill cancer cells without harming healthy cells.

Because of its numerous health advantages, this potent healthy oil is a staple of the Mediterranean Diet.

Can olive oil reverse cancer?

Research studies have established that the compound found only in extra virgin olive oil could play a significant role in reducing certain cancer risks.

What Is Oleocanthal Exactly?

Oleocanthal is a natural phenolic compound in extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). The compound gives extra virgin olive oil its bitter taste and intense aroma.

The Oleocanthal compound is part of the polyphenol family, a class of natural compounds in various plant foods known for their powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and disease-reducing properties. While polyphenols can be found in many fruits and vegetables, Oleocanthal can only be found in extra virgin olive oil.

Since Oleocanthal’s discovery in the 1990s, it’s been studied for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. But, it wasn’t until recently that researchers discovered its surprising cancer-fighting capabilities.

Oleocanthal for Cancer Cells? How Does it Work?

How Oleocanthal works in fighting against cancer cell growth is still being studied. Specific research conducted by a Rutgers nutritional scientist and two cancer biologists at Hunter College in New York discovered that an ingredient in extra virgin olive oil could kill specific cancer cells without harming healthy cells.

And what was the extraordinary extra virgin olive oil ingredient that had the power to destroy harmful cancer cells? You guessed it! Oleocanthal.

So, how does Oleocanthal work to kill cancer? It was believed by Paul Breslin, a professor of nutritional sciences at Hunter College, that Oleocanthal could be targeting the primary protein in cancer cells that causes programmed cell death, known as apoptosis.

Breslin, along with David Foster and Onica LeGendre of Hunter College, tested this theory by applying Oleocanthal directly to the cancer cells and found that the cancer cells were dying within 30 minutes to an hour. Because of how rapidly the cancer cells were dying off, LeGendre determined that the Oleocanthal was inhibiting the cancer cells to kill themselves using their own enzymes.

After further research, LeGendre’s theory was proven correct. The Oleocanthal punctured vesicles inside the cancer cells that store cell waste. The vesicles, known as lysosomes, are larger in cancer cells than in healthy body cells.

Further Research about Oleocanthal’s Effects on Cancer

Other research studies, like those conducted by Paul Breslin, David Foster, and Onica LeGendre, showed that Oleocanthal in vitro (inside a dish) and in vivo (inside a body) could protect healthy cells by slowing the growth of cancer cells. Oleocanthal can do this by killing cancer cells and preventing metastasis.

These groundbreaking discoveries on Oleocanthal’s adverse effects on cancer were concluded on several specific cancers such as breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, and leukemia.

Oleocanthal and Breast Cancer

A 2021 study conducted by researchers from the University of Louisiana-Monroe found that Oleocanthal may play a promising role in target treatment therapy for a highly aggressive form of breast cancer known as triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC).

The lead author of this study and cancer researcher at ULM, Khalid El Sayed, stated that successful insights on Oleocanthal and its effect against TNBC in patients helped validate the anti-cancer properties of phenolics such as Oleocanthal.

Oleocanthal and Pancreatic Cancer

Recent studies on other aggressive cancers, such as pancreatic cancer, have also shown promising results through Oleocanthal. One study suggested that Oleocanthal may extend the life of pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer patients (PNET) when the cancer cells in vitro died rapidly after coming in contact with the compound.

How Can You Get More Oleocanthal In Your Diet?

Extra virgin olive oil is not the only option when you want to benefit from Oleocanthal’s powerful properties. Oleocanthal supplements are available on the market, allowing you to get more of this polyphenol superfood into your diet without consuming large amounts of olive oil or other products.

Supplements also provide an exact measured serving, nothing more, nothing less. Before you buy, consult your healthcare provider about adding Oleocanthal as a regular dietary supplement.

In Conclusion

Oleocanthal is an exciting development in cancer research that could potentially lead to breakthroughs in treatments for many types of cancers. While further research needs to be done, preliminary studies suggest that this natural compound could hold great promise in the fight against this deadly disease.

Would you like to know more?

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