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Oleocanthal Uses and Surprising Benefits

Oleocanthal is a natural compound found in extra virgin olive oil. Since its discovery, this compound has gained increased attention among scientists and nutritionists due to its remarkable health benefits and potential uses.

In this blog from Earthborn Alternatives, our team will look at oleocanthal uses and explore how this natural ingredient can support overall wellness.

Oleocanthal Uses and Surprising Benefits

Table of Contents:

  1. What is Oleocanthal Exactly?

  2. Oleocanthal Uses and Benefits That May Surprise You

  3. Antioxidant Properties

  4. Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

  5. Pain Relief

  6. How To Get The Most Out of Your Oleocanthal

  7. Conclusion

What People Ask:

Is Oleocanthal good for you?

Extra virgin olive oil contains the compound Oleocanthal, which has been seen to help lower glucose levels and A1C. Studies have also shown that a diet rich in extra virgin olive oil can reduce the risk of developing major cardiovascular diseases.

Scientific evidence suggests that regular extra virgin olive oil consumption may provide significant health benefits associated with a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Does all olive oil contain Oleocanthal?

Have you heard of Oleocanthal? It’s a phenolic compound only found in extra-virgin olive oil and has many powerful health benefits.

What is Oleocanthal Exactly?

Oleocanthal is a natural ingredient found only in extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO). It's part of a group of organic compounds known as polyphenols.

Oleocanthal is what gives extra virgin olive oil its distinctive, peppery taste. It was first discovered in the 1990s by Dr. Gary Beauchamp after he drank some EVOO and noticed the sharp taste and tickle in the back of his throat.

After further examination, Dr. Beauchamp and his team realized that the same painkiller compound was present in both olives and ibuprofen.

Oleocanthal is also the natural ingredient in olive oil believed to provide anti-inflammatory properties similar to those found in ibuprofen. The great news is that this compound works like ibuprofen but without the adverse side effects.

Oleocanthal Uses and Benefits That May Surprise You

Over years of research, oleocanthal has been shown to provide a variety of beneficial uses. This is especially true regarding health and wellness.

The organic EVOO compound has also been linked to reducing cancer risk and killing specific cancer cells. Additionally, oleocanthal has been shown to help prevent neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and improve cognitive function.

Other surprising oleocanthal uses and benefits include:

Antioxidant Properties

Oleocanthal has powerful antioxidant properties that can help reduce the damage caused by free radicals in the body. Free radicals are unstable molecules created when your body breaks down food or is exposed to certain toxins.

These free radicals can damage cells, proteins, and DNA, which can lead to a range of diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. By fighting free radicals with natural antioxidants like oleocanthal, you can help protect your cells and promote long-lasting health.

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Not only does oleocanthal contain naturally powerful antioxidant properties, but this compound also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injury or infection, but chronic inflammation can lead to serious health problems.

Studies have shown that oleocanthal helps significantly reduce inflammation by blocking enzymes. These enzymes are known as cyclooxygenase 1 and 2 (COX 1 & 2) and are responsible for creating inflammatory chemicals in the body.

Pain Relief

One of the most exciting discoveries with oleocanthal was that it can provide pain relief similar to ibuprofen.

This discovery also means that oleocanthal can provide natural relief to those experiencing pain from arthritis and discomfort from diabetes, asthma, and other illnesses.

How To Get The Most Out of Your Oleocanthal

The most effective way to get the most out of oleocanthal is by consuming it regularly. While you can incorporate extra virgin olive oil into your diet to do this, it's best to ingest oleocanthal in pill or supplement form.

With oleocanthal supplements and pills, you get the highest concentration of the beneficial compound. At Earthborn Alternatives, we provide oleocanthal supplement capsules derived from the highest-quality extra virgin olive oil.


Oleocanthal is a promising compound, and it is likely only the start of many potential benefits that arise from its use. Numerous studies have discussed this compound's possible positive health effects, ranging from reducing inflammation to treating certain cancers.

Whether you're looking to incorporate this compound into your diet or want to explore its therapeutic capabilities, it is worth considering further!

Would you like to learn more?

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